FAQs in General 
Q: How do I know the products from Cabinets.co are in good quality?
A: Cabinets.co owns, selects, and cooperates with prestigious high quality building material brands around the world such as Home Elements™, Lafarge, Diricks Fences, Sattui Stainless Steel and more, These brands or manufacturers obtain one or multiple US or Canadian quality certifications which comply with US or Canadian building code, ANSI standard, or ISO standard. These are the most important quality traits recognized by a third party national or international quality evaluation organization.
In addition, these brands or manufacturers are members of one or multiple professional associations in US or Canada.

Q: Who can buy from Cabinets.co ?
A: Cabinets.co provides flexible buying options. Anyone can buy depending on your lead time needs. While there are minimum order quantity requirements for some buying options, which may used by professional buyers such as builders, contractors, however, as long as the minimum order quantity requirements are met, anyone can buy and save.
For more of our products, we do offer minimum quantity as low as 1 box, which will allows D-I-Ys to benefit from the vast selections, convenience and savings offered by Cabinets.co for individual residential end users.

Q: Why I will save money and time when I buy from Cabinets.co ?
A: We are a shareholder of some brands we are offering here, which enable us to have a deep influence in supply chain management and quality improvement as well as manufacturing costs optimization. This is a unique advantage most of other building materials suppliers do not have.
For other brands that we do not own, our founders have a deep relationship with them through many projects and we directly deal with their manufacturing facility rather than their "global headquarters", which means more effective and efficient communications with operation implementation, these great overhead savings and "direct" business modes make the most cost-effectiveness possible.
In addition, Cabinets.co develops the state-of-art supply chain process and technology that allows us to instantly select the best available shipping rate from our third party logistics and transportation companies’ network. Thus we can pass the savings from shipping to you with improved lead times.
Hence, Cabinets.co encourages you to buy different products in different categories when buying directly from our factories, and we consolidate the products into one single shipment that directly deliver to your selected address, thus providing you the one-stop shopping, that will save you precious time which is one of the most valuable assets to builders, contractors because time is money.

Q: I cannot find the color and style I want for my project in my local stores and not find them in cabinets.co, either, can Cabinets.co custom make it for me?
A: We offer custom make service based on your specifications or samples with some minimum quantity requirements. The procedure is to email us at sales@cabinets.co, we will review your requirements and engage with you on clarification of your requirements.

Q: How comfortable can I be when I order directly from your website? Is my financial data secured and safe?
A: You are talking about internet security on your financial data such as credit card info. Cabinets.co uses VeriSign SSL certificates to protect your financial data security. Hence, we do not store any of your financial data in our own server, neither management of Cabinets.co nor our employees or contractors can view your financial data. Your financial data is stored in our credit card processing bank or financial institution’s server, where they provide the best security for you.
For more info, please view our Privacy Security and Policy page.

Q: Which forms of payment does Cabinets.co accept?
A: We offer multiple payment methods including Visa, MasterCard, Discover,  American Express, PayPal, bank drafts (cashier's checks or money orders), and wire transfers.

Q: Can Cabinets.co ship globally?
A: Currently, we ship primarily to the continental US and Canada. However, we also ship to other areas beyond the US and Canadian areas including other countries with the condition that the shipping costs need to be quoted separately. Please contact us before you place an order where you are not located in the US and Canada.

Q: Does Cabinets.co provide residential delivery service? How does that work?
A: Yes. The difference between residential delivery and commercial/industrial delivery is without and with a loading dock. Without a loading dock as a commercial/industrial address but requires a lift gate equipment truck will increase the shipping costs. Usually a $50-75 extra cost occurs, however, it is more dependent on the weight.
The pallets will be put down on the ground by lift gate and pull onto your driveway with a pallet-jack. You may be asked to unload the pallet-jack yourself, depending on the products but usually our third party trucking driver will do it for you. The driver will coordinate with you for the arrangement.

Q: Does Cabinets.co install products or refer customers to installers?
A: At present, Cabients Co does not provide any installation service.

Q: Do you offer any discounts to distributors or resellers?
A: Cabinets.co offers the best prices on the website. Transparency in our pricing is one of the key operation factors making the lowest prices possible without any compromising in quality. Anyone meeting the minimum quantity requirement will have the same price.
Please contact us at sales@cabients.co if you still want to discuss with us on this topic.
Q: What is your return policy?
A: Please refer to our return policy

Q: How much should I allow for breakage/damage?
A: Depending on specific products, the industry standard is to include a 3-10% leeway to be accounted for when ordering building materials to avoid the shortage due to breakage/damage, or even due to the mis-measurement or mis-calculation of the sq footage you may need. It is strongly recommended that at least 5% more quantity is added to what your measurement is.
Cabinets.co ships product quantity solely based on the quantity you entered when you placed an order. Although due to our quality packaging and palletized for overseas shipment, the breakage/damage is very minimum, however, please allow up to 10% breakage/damage rate, which is considered as normal in this industry.
For breakage/damage claim more than 10%, please follow our return policy procedure (Return Policy) to file a claim with our customer service department.

Q: May I see the product before I buy? May I obtain a sample?
A: You can order a sample on our website.

Q: What is your shipping lead time?
A: Under buying option, "Ship from US warehouse", the lead time is 1-2 weeks. Under buying option, "Directly ship form overseas factory", the lead time for West coast delivery is 3-8 weeks, the lead time for East Coast delivery is 4-9 weeks. 
For products by air ship. Extra air ship cost will be applied. But in most cases, even adding the air ship costs, your delivered price is still significantly lower than what you can buy from somewhere else. Please contact us by email sales@cabinets.co or call our customer service specialist for a quote for the air ship costs. We have a lot of customers using air ship and are very happy about the final delivered prices.
However, unfortunately, although it is very rare and we even have not had any of the delay situations occur yet, there are some factors beyond our control that may cause delay, for example, containers retained by US Customs and Border Protection for further inspection, Force Majeure, delay caused by steamship liner such as port work strikes. Therefore, Cabinets.co cannot guarantee the delivery lead time will fall into the estimated range hereby due to any reason beyond our control.

Q: How can I track my order?
A: On the top menu of the homepage, you can either go to "My account", or "Order Tracking" to track your order easily. The step of your order status is clearly defined and you will know exactly where your shipment is by logging into your account.

Worry-Free Return Policy

Return Policy for all Cabinets.co Kitchen & Vanity Cabinets

Cabinets.co will accept any damaged items. Please, take a look at our policy for kitchen and/or vanity cabinets, once your cabinets arrives, please follow the following return and shipping policy. We take our responsibility seriously thus trying to make it as clear as possible under different situations:
Situation 1: Cabinets arrived damaged:

Inspect and report any damage to the freight driver, the receiver (customer) must note the damages with the freight driver. Important step: Get a copy of the paperwork from the freight driver as a proof of evidence (you can also take a photo of the driver’s paperwork using your Smartphone). It is a must to take some photos of the material damaged at this point, as part of evidence.

Please call our number or email us at sales@cabinets.co with photo evidence (a copy of the paperwork from the freight driver and damage photos) right away.

If customer detects other damage after the freight truck driver left, customer have 3 (three business) days to do a full inspection, if there is any damage found, Please call our number or email us at sales@cabinets.co with photo evidence right away. Upon we receive your photo evidence; Cabinets.co will start the return process right away and ship the new exchange cabinets to the customer. Again, photos as evidence are part of this process and MUST be sent to us for claim purpose.

When we receive the photos of the material damage, we will ship the new replacement of cabinets within 3 business days, usually within 24 hours to you! Meaning we will take good care of you immediately before we can even file the claim with freight companies and possibly we will not get the reimbursement from the freight companies. Cabinets.co will take care of our customers first before anything else as long as the damage photo evidences are presented.

Cabinets.co will NOT ask you to deal with the freight company for damage claim and go through all the hassles. We will take good care of you, and we deal with the damage claim between Freight Company and Cabinets.co.

However, without evidence of material damage (photos) and written statement on the freight career’s paperwork, we can NOT process the claim and we will NOT send out the new replacement cabinets. Cabinets.co appreciates the cooperation from our kitchen & vanity cabinet customers.

The customer will be expected to keep the cabinets until any shipping claim is complete, because sometimes a shipper may request to inspect the cabinets. Cabinets.co take good care of our customer first even before the damage claim processes started, however, we do need your help to complete the claim process so that we can get reimbursement for our loss. Keeping the damage cabinets for inspection is a requirement from Freight Company. We will notify you when the claim is complete and inform you how to deal with the damage cabinets which you already get the new replacement cabinets.

After 3 (three) days, if no damage reported, it is considered to be accepted by customer and no further claim is accepted by freight company thus we cannot accept claim either.

Situation 2: Cabinets arrived with factory defects:
If customer receives a cabinet/part is believed to be factory defect, inform us ASAP and forward pictures so we can review and determine if it is indeed factory defect. Please be sure that customer does NOT assemble any cabinets they believe have factory defects until we have reviewed and get back to you for further instruction.

After we review the photos you sent and determined it is factory defect, we will ship the replacement to you immediately and also notify how you will deal with the defect cabinets, which is so rare that we did not receive any report for factory defect during the past 3 years after shipping thousands kitchens of cabinets.

Situation 3: I ordered the wrong color/size cabinets or I just change my mind for what color/sizes I want:
If customer orders the wrong color/size and needs to return the cabinet or cabinets, you will need to notify us first for authorization. Please email the request to sales@cabinets.co with 3 days!

Since it is no fault from our end, any returns due to customer’s changing mind or made a mistake when ordering, a 30% restocking fee needs to be charged. Shipping and handling cost must be paid by customer. We will refund the rest to your account. Again, the return has to be made within 3 days; anything over 3 days is typically not returnable so let us know ASAP.

Situation 4: If I placed an order and when I receive the shipment, there is no fault on cabinets.co side, but I just change my mind, can I still return the products?
Since it is no fault from our end, customer will need to cover/handle return shipping cost. After items are returned and inspected by the warehouse, and the cabinets are in good and resalable condition, a credit after the 30% restocking fee will be issued to your account. Shipping and handling cost must be paid by customer.

If you want to choose other color/sizes cabinets, you can place a new order and let us know so that we can use the credit toward your new order instead of refund to your account; if you place a new order, we will only charge 20% restocking fee instead of 30%.

Please understand that it takes a lot of efforts to pack and ship kitchen and vanity cabinets, so when returning, we double even triple the efforts and the handling costs which including examining the cabinets carefully, unpacking, and restore it back to the shelf.

Our Free 3D Professional Kitchen Design will help you to minimize mistakes in your Kitchen and Bathroom Orders:
Our kitchen designer provides free design service with detailed consultation during your kitchen design and selection process, so please take advantage of it and make no mistakes in the kitchen selection processes!

The person or company that placed the order for kitchen or vanity cabinets is the only one that should contact cabinets.co, Third parties are excluded.

Kitchen or vanity cabinets sold, assembly and/or installed by the original buyer to a third party are out of the scope of this warranty.

Phone: 1(877)230-8687

  Sales:  sales@cabinets.co

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